What is TeenSTAR?

Teen STAR is a developmental curriculum, founded by Hanna Klaus, MD (Sr. Miriam Paul , MMS), that helps adolescents and young adults come to terms with their emerging sexuality and fertility and assist them in making responsible decisions. Beginning with the physical, the young person can then integrate their intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of their persona and mature into a fully integrated human being.

TeenSTAR Summary

Primary and secondary prevention of teen pregnancy and STD’s by the most effective and least expensive method – maintenance of, or facilitating a return to, abstinent behavior.


  • is a developmental curriculum which utilizes experience of the body’s fertility patterns to discover the values and derive the norms.
  • teaches responsible decision-making and communication skills in the area of sexual behavior.
  • enhances teens’ self-understanding and self-esteem.
  • moves teens from being victims of their hormones to being in control.
  • demands self-discipline – which is counter-cultural.
  • offers methods to reject peer, as well as media pressure.
  • affirms virtues, but is not moralistic.
  • treats sex as a gift to be respected and valued.
  • TO RECOGNIZE the physiological signs of male & female fertility
  • TO ENABLE young people to understand emotional changes in the cycle and the feelings these changes generate.
  • TO KNOW how to use the curriculum to facilitate cognitive and experiential learning as logical stimuli in surfacing values involved…
  • TO HELP students learn to value the freedom and choice which are the true basis of decision making in love and love making.
  • TO WIN the enlightened cooperation of parents, balancing their involvement with their own child’s developmental needs.


1. Class Work
2. Individual interviews
3. Monitoring of behavioral outcomes by anonymous questionnaires

Class Overview

  • Classes are offered weekly. Two semesters are necessary to internalize class material and experience and understand cyclic fertility.
  • Can be taught in Health, Family Life or Biology classes, also in Religion classes where appropriate. Youth group settings allow for flexible scheduling.
  • Emphasis on primary prevention especially in 7th to 10th grades.
  • Teen STAR has demonstrated the ability to undergird virginity as well as a return to chastity.
  • Helps young women to understand themselves;

Important Information

Currently, McKenzie County Right to Life only offers the TeenSTAR Sexual Education Course to girls in grades 7-12. Classes will be held every Sunday at 7:00-8:30 PM at the McKenzie County Public Library in the Sanford room. Classes begin February 7, 2021 and end Sunday, July 18, 2021. McKenzie County Right to Life is actively seeking a certified male instructor to teach the boys course. However, until such time, the boys course will be unavailable.

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